Petros’ war (Graphic Novel)

Metaichmio, 2020

2021 Greek IBBY Illustration Award 
2021 Elniplex Gold List (GREECE)

Petros, a nine-year-old boy, is very sad because his cricket is dead. His elder sister, Antigone, wants to give him the box of her bracelet for burying it. Petros prefers to squeeze it in the crevice of the girder. But he doesn’t get the chance. The next morning he is abruptly waken up by his mother. “Wake up and get ready. There’s war! Can’t you hear the sirens?” It is the 28th of October 1940. Petros knows about war from his books. He is thrilled by heroes, shields, swords and victories. Is it the same in reality? 


Young Petros lives the war, occupation and resistance together with his parents, his sister, his grandfather and his turtle, Theodore. We follow him on his long walk through all the real adventures that take place between October 1940 and October 1944, when Greece was liberated. 


With respect to the original text and its spirit and atmosphere, Angeliki Darlasi and Dimitris Mastoros adapt this classic work of Greek literature for the new generation.


The graphic novel has been translated into French.


Foreign editions

La grande balade de Petros, Paris: Futuropolis, 2022 (French)