Wildcat under glass (Graphic Novel)

Metaichmio, 2021

Red Fox’s Best of 2021 List (GREECE)
Shortlisted for the “Anagnostis” Magazine 2022 Best Illustrated Children’s Book (GREECE)
Best Comic of 2022 by the Greek Comics Awards (GREECE)

Melia and Myrto are two sisters living on an Aegean island. They have their own secret code of communication and they love listening to their grandpa’s stories. But what they really love the most are the magical stories of the wildcat’s adventures, that their cousin Nikos recounts.

The magic wildcat is a stuffed feline that stays locked in the living room inside a glass cabinet. He has one blue and one black glass eye, and he uses one or the other depending on whether he’s in a good mood or not. One summer day, something will happen that will upend all of their lives. Who might want to harm the wildcat?

Set on a Greek island during the 1930s as the nation is forced into a fascist dictatorship, this is a timeless, universal story about humanity, democracy and freedom.


With respect to the original text and its spirit and atmosphere, Georgia Zachari and Stella Stergiou adapt this classic work of Greek literature for the new generation.