Uncle Plato

Kedros, 1975
Metaichmio, 2011

Plato is a small little rag donkey with a zipper on his breast, that hides a red candy: his heart. And he talks! But only to Irene and her little brother John. Or, as they are otherwise called, Ira and Vania, as they live in exile in Moscow with their parents after the Greek civil war. The two children named Plato after their uncle who is still living in Greece and they share all their thoughts and secrets with him. Led by smart and wise Ira, the three of them will come up with an ambitious plan…
History tangled with politics run through this novel, which brings up the struggle of political exiles in a deeply emotional, profound way, seen through children’s eyes and narrated by a rag little donkey.

Foreign editions
Oncle Platon, Paris: Mesidor/La Farandole, 1989 (French)