Snapshots of events and meetings with children

Snapshots of events and meetings with children

For more than fourty years, Alki Zei traveled tirelessly all around Greece but also abroad, practically anywhere that she would be invited to meet children and discuss about her books.

If she were to mark on the map the places she has visited, schools, libraries, cultural centres and bookstores all over the world, the land would almost be covered and only sea would remain unmarked.

“With so many travels, I have no time to get bored! But travelling never exhausts me, I am always interested in the life of other people in other places”, she would declare.

«I go where ever there is a passionate teacher who has encouraged children to read my books. It’s him who invites me. Everything depends on the teacher. He influences children more than their family does.” 

Children who have read Alki Zei’s books often want to create something, wishing to express the satisfaction they have felt while reading them. It is like a small sample of gratitude towards the author who gave them a special reading experience.