Other times, other children

© 2006

About this book

A book written to support the work of the Association for the Psychosocial Health of Children and Adolescents (A.P.H.C.A.)


Digitally distributed collector’s edition Audio Book, spoken by the voices of the authors Alki Zei and Zorz Sari, who have written the stories of the book and of the famous Greek actors Xenia Kalogeropoulou and Aleka Paizi.

Popular novelists Alki Zei and Zorz Sari, have met in this book, for submitting memories of a long-standing friendship, childhood, shared high school years, war and occupation. Alki Zei’s distinct tone of tenderness, states about the book:

“Although many years have gone since we were children, both Zorz and I remember a lot of details from our childhood and every time we meet we always have something to say about those two little girls, the inseparable friends while so different from each other. We may have had difficult years of war and occupation, we starved, we suffered cold, fear, and however the moments we lived were so strong, so full. And if now we are writing memories from our childhood, it is because some feelings are common to all children of all times.”