Cat talk

© 2006

A short story for a big cat, two small children, a chubby granny and a tremendous heat wave.

A hilarious narration of a cat about a family summer event on the occasion of a strong heat wave brings up the reflection on the changes of the climate and their social consequences.


Extract from the book

 “They said it on television and the radio: there is a strong heat wave coming up. Those who go on vacations shouldn’t leave behind alone aged and animals.

I sat on my tail –I always do so if want to reflect about something- and while I was wondering whether I am an animal or an aged, I heard the lady next door shouting to her child:
- You stupid animal, you broke the video again!
Therefore, since the child next door who is a human –that I know, all children are humans- is being called an animal, I must be the aged.”

Published in Italian, Micioragionamenti, Rome: Camelozampa, 2012